Basic Specifications

SpecStandard SpecCustom Spec
Layer Count1-6 Layers1-40+ Layers
Turn Time2+ DaysSame Day - 4 Weeks+
Order Quantity1-20 PCBs1-10000+ PCBs
MaterialsFR-4See "Primary Laminate Materials" Section Below
Plate FinishHASL, HASL-LF, Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP), Immersion Silver, Immersion (White) Tin, Electrolytic Nickel/Gold (Hard & Soft Au Wire Bondable), Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold (ENEPIG)
CertificationsIPC Class 2 - A600IPC Class 3 , AS9100:2016 (RevD)
Board Thickness0.062"Full Range Available
Copper Weight1 oz. Inner / Up to 1oz. Outer0.25 - 6 oz. Inner / 0.25-20 oz. Outer
Minimum Trace/Space5/5 mils3/3 mils
Solder Mask (LPI)GreenGreen, Black, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple, Clear, Red, Custom
LegendWhiteWhite, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue
Minimum Hole Size0.010"0.003"
Hole Tolerance"+/- 0.003"Less than +/- 0.003" (upon request)
Rout Tolerance"+/- 0.005"Less than +/- 0.005" (upon request)
UL Markings/DatesYesYes
Plated HolesPlated/Non-PlatedPlated/Non-Plated
Castellated HolesXYes
Controlled DielectricXYes
Controlled ImpedanceXYes
Counter SinksXYes
Counter BoresXYes
Blind/Buried ViasXYes
Mask Plugged ViasXYes
Via-in-Pad (Via Fill)XYes
Etch BackXYes
Tetra EtchXYes
Cover CoatXYes
Cavity ProcessXYes
Laser RoutXYes
LPI LegendXYes
Edge MillXYes
Unique SterilizationXYes
Back DrillingXYes
Controlled Depth DrillXYes

Copper Trace Width/Spacing Design Guideline

Copper Weight (oz)Min Trace / Space (mils)
0.25 oz3 / 3 mils
0.5 oz4 / 4 mils
1 oz4 / 5 mils
2 oz5 / 7 mils
3 oz6 / 9 mils
4 oz7 / 11 mils
5 oz8 / 13 mils
6 oz9 / 15 mils

Additional Spec

Maximum Board Size:16" x 22"
Layer Count:1-40+
Materials:FR-4, Rogers, Arlon, Polymide, Aluminum (+more in "Primary Laminate Materials below)
Absolute Minimum Trace Width/ Spacing:2 / 2 mils
SMT Pitch:<0.015"
Legend Text Size:0.004" wide, 0.015" tall
Minimum Core Thickness:0.002"
Minimum Foil Thickness:0.00025"
Board Thickness:0.005"-0.250"
Board Thickness Tolerance:+/-10%
Copper Weight:Outer layers: 0.25 - 10 oz
Inner layers: 0.25 - 6 oz
Solder Mask Colors:Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple, Clear, Red, Custom
Silkscreen Colors:White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue
Surface Finishes:HASL, HASL Lead-Free, ENIG, ENEPIG, Hard Gold, Wire Bondable Gold, Selective Gold, Immersion Silver, OSP
Minimum Solder Mask
Dam Size:


Minimum Mechanical Drill Size:0.006"
Minimum Laser Drill Size:0.003"
Finished Hole Size Tolerance:+/-0.002"
Minimum Router Bit Width:0.020"
Via Types:Blind, Buried, Via-in-Pad, Filled (Conductive and Non-conductive)
Minimum Via Annular Ring:0.002"
Maximum Via Aspect Ratio:20/1


Minimum Board-Edge to Copper for Scoring:0.010"
Minimum Board-Edge to Copper for Routing:0.004"
Routing Tolerance:+/-0.003"
Features:Counter Sink, Counter Bore, Controlled Depth


Deliverables:Cross-Section, Solder Sample, Certificate of Compliance
Add-ons:TDR, Ionic Contamination
Certifications:ISO 9001 - 2008, ITAR

Design Rules Files

Primary Laminate Materials

Royal Circuits stores a variety of laminate materials to meet our customer’s quick turn needs. While this is a significant upfront investment, we believe it's necessary to give our customers the level of service they deserve. 




Material Data Sheets


Material Data Sheets
25N / 25FRTM


Material Data Sheets
Megtron 6
Megtron 7


Prototype and Production PCBs

Looking to test your design before committing to a full PCB production run? We specializes in PCB prototyping that allows you to evaluate the design, performance, and capabilities of your board first -  a smart practice that could save a significant amount of time and money in the long run. 

Royal Circuits fabricates your small-quantity prototype PCBs with the same state-of-the-art equipment and processes that we use to manufacture production PCBs for our Fortune 500 customers. Our services are FAST, so you can get your prototype printed circuit board the next day. 

HDI Circuit Boards

Due to the growing complexity of design structures, high-density circuit boards (HDI) are being used more and more, especially in consumer electronic products. As products increase in functionality and decrease in size and weight, circuit board engineers need new solutions to maximize space on each board. HDI technology gives designers more space on their PCBs to place smaller components even closer together. Types of HDI PCBs include:

- Through vias from surface to surface

- Buried vias with through vias

- Two or more HDI layers with through vias

- Passive substrate with no electrical connection.

Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs

Flex and rigid-flex PCBs are used to fit in an end-product where no other design can be used. They are a combination of an ordinary printed circuit board and round wire. This allows them to retain the density and repeatability of printed circuits, but it also opens up the possibility for any size or shape design. In fact, flex boards can even be folded or creased to fit into the smallest areas. Flex circuits also provide a significant cost savings with no reduction in performance over wire and wire harness assemblies.

Rigid-flex circuits are most commonly used by designers in the aerospace, medical and military industries.

Not only do we offer flexible PCBs for fast production, we can also provide flex PCB prototypes to see your custom designs before a big shipment is created. Our flex and rigid-flex capabilities are designed to meet a variety of circuit board needs from single or double-sided circuitry to multilayer technology. We offer different material substrates and adhesives, as well as surface finishes and treatments.  Stiffeners can also be added for reinforcement.