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Impedance Calculator

DFM Check

Royal Circuits’ Online DFM reviews your PCB designs to identify issues that could affect manufacturability. Every PCB board design is automatically run through this comprehensive check.


Royal Circuits stores an extensive variety of laminates including exotic materials to meet our customer’s quick turn needs. While this is a significant upfront investment, we believe it’s necessary to give our customers the level of service they deserve. 

Stackups & Design Rules

Download EAGLE design rules and get standard stackups for 4, 6 and 8 layer boards. We also have a TDR form to help with your design. 


Learn whether or not you should panelize your PCBs with Royal Circuits’ panelization whitepaper and webinar. 

Heavy Copper Design Guidelines

Designing high-current, heavy-copper printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be difficult, as the heavy copper functions like a double-edged sword. While heavy copper serves to remove heat efficiently from the components when the board is operating, it does the same while soldering components to the board, which is detrimental to proper soldering. Read these suggested design guidelines for heavy copper boards.

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