Rigid PCB Capabilities

We continually re-invest in state-of-the-art equipment and services to manufacture the highest quality PCBs. Our innovative software-backed facilities feature advanced technologies and extensive capabilities designed to fabricate even the most complex PCB designs – FAST.
Layer Count 1-40 Layers
Turn Time 1+ Days
Quantity 1-1000 PCBs
Material All Materials
Surface Finish HASL, HASL-LF.ENIG, etc
Certification IPC Class 3
Board Thickness Full Range Available
Solder Mask Green, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Clear, Custom
Silk Screen White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue
Copper Weight 0.25 – 6oz inner, 0.25 – 20oz outer
Min Trace / Space 3/3 mils
Min Hole Size 3 mils
Layer Count1-6 Layers
Turn Time5+ Days
Quantity5-200 PCBs
MaterialFR4 Tg 180
Surface FinishENIG
CertificationIPC Class 2
Board Thickness62 Mils
Solder MaskGreen
Silk ScreenWhite
Copper Weightup to 2 oz
Min Trace / Space6/6 mils
Min Hole Size8 mils

We have designed our factory to handle the gamut of designs, from simple hobbyist boards to complex, HDI 12 layer boards with blind and buried vias. Take a look at our capabilities below to see what falls under our standard spec protocol. These designs can be quoted and ordered online in a matter of minutes!

Does your design fall out of standard spec? No problem, simply contact us directly and we can get started with a custom quote, along with dedicated engineering support to answer any questions you may have.

For a full list of capabilities, including all tolerances, please download our capability guide by clicking here.
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • Photo Fabrication
  • Wet Process
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Screening
  • Inspection & Test
  • Lamination
  • General Building / Information Management Systems

Ink Jet Printer

Orbotech Sprint300 Legend Printer – Best in Class for PCB Serialization and Legend Marking


  • CA Picard International Film Punch
  • Optiline PE Post Etch Punch Series 300

Drilling / ROUT

  • Micronic 86 – 6 Spindle High Speed and Precision Drill Machine
  • Micronic Mach6 – 6 Spindle High Speed and Precision Drill


  • Excellon EX-300 3 Spindle CNC Router (x3)
  • Excellon Mark VI E-230, 3 Spindle Driller
  • Excellon Mark V, 3 Spindle Driller
  • Central Machinery Drill Press
  • GlenBrook Technologies X-Ray Unit
  • Barnaby Beveler Model #204R
  • Accu-Score AS-100 MAX


  • LENZ 2 Spindle Drill/Rout Combo (x3)
  • Shoda MVC-630C Optical V-Scoring System
  • Shoda AF-100 Edge Beveler
  • Pluritec Inspecta Combo HPL X-Ray Scale
  • ESI 5335 Laser Drilling System
  • ESI Model 5200 Laser Via Drill
  • ESI Model 5220 UV Laser Via Drill

Photo Fabrication

  • RP212XT Photo Plotter (Swiss Made)
  • Maskless Model # 2024 X
  • 5800 Maskless Lithography Direct Imaging System
  • Teknek Clean Machine
  • Anti-Static Auto Panel Cleaner
  • Colight 1630 Film Exposing System
  • ORC HMW 201B-5K-1 Exposing System
  • Dynachem Model 300 Hot Roll Laminators
  • Konica Film Processor K-28
  • Table Top Dryer
  • Light Tables
  • Inspection Tables, Magnifiers, Lights, Etc.

Wet Process

  • LP Deburring Machine
  • Time Saver Machine Tool Deburrer Model 50-19MW
  • Super Scrubber Circuit Equipment Co.
  • Solution Technology Services DeSmear and Direct
  • Metalization Line
  • Complete Copper & Tin Plating Line
  • Controlled Power 500, 1000 Amp Rectifier
  • Resist Stripping Line
  • Brown Oxide Line
  • AtotechChemcut XL Model XL 1510-30 Alkaline Etch System
  • Tin Stripping Line
  • Uyemura Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) Line
  • Starline Dash NP Controller
  • Dryfilm Stripper
  • Marseco Fluxer
  • Marseco Dryer
  • Hot Air Solder Leveller NTO-2424LF (x2)
  • Sommer and Maca Scrubber Model SBC-554L
  • De-Ionized Water System
  • Total Treat Water Treatment System
  • Custom Built Pulse Plating Tanks (x3)
  • Custom Plasma Etcher

Chemistry Laboratory

  • Qualilab QL-10EZ Chemical Multi-Sample
  • Analyzer (CVS)
  • Oxford Instruments X-Strata 920 X-Ray
  • Sartorius Scale Model LA230P
  • Hanna pH Meter Model HI 9126
  • Mark V Laboratory Microscope
  • Mark V Lab 3B/4B Series Cross Section Polisher
  • Lab Conco Paramount Filtered Enclosure
  • Hull Cell
  • Beakers, Burettes and Misc. Lab Equipment
  • ECI Technology QL-10EZ Plating Bath Analyzer
  • Thermo Scientific Genesys 10S UV-VIS Specrophotometer
  • Buehler Automet 250 Microsection Grinder
  • Buehler Ecomet 300 MicroSection Grinder-Polisher
  • Nikon Epiphot 200 Microscope​


  • Circuit Chemistry Equipment Model VIP-ADG24-5
  • Epic Drying Curing Oven Epic 110
  • Vertical LPI Developer
  • Mimir Exposing Unit Model 9236
  • Svecia Squeegee Sharpner
  • Roller Screen Chases
  • Tetko Tensometer
  • Double Sink With Power Washer
  • Screen Storage Cabinet
  • Nanosteam Oven
  • Seria Corporation SSA-DSV650 Auto Screening

Inspection & Test

  • Camteck–Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Model Orion 860
  • Camtek–Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Model Pheonix HDI
  • Mania Technolgie Loc 8 Flying Probe Testers (x2)
  • Gardien G60 Flying Probe Test System (x2)
  • Gardien G70 Flying Probe Test System
  • Hughs Aircraft Co. Spot Welder Model MCW-550
  • Verniers, Calipers, Micrometers
  • Plug & Radius Gage Blocks
  • YSCTECH HD807 Micro Camera
  • Hyper Labs HL3204 Controlled Impedance Analyzer


  • Burkle Lamination Press – ML Vacuum Press Work Cell
  • TMP Hot Press
  • TMP Cold Press
  • Presto Lift

General Building / Information
Management Systems

  • Kaeser Compressor CS90
  • Kaeser Dryer TE91
  • Kaeser Dryer KRD 1000
  • Guardner Denver Air Compressor Model EBMSLE
  • Truton Chiller Model 800AC
  • Spencer Vacuum 310584
  • Spencer Vacuum 307309
  • Dust Collection System
  • Plant-wide Air Conditioning System
  • Computerized Accounting and Order Entry Systems