Ask an Engineer – On-Demand Webinar

Get answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask in this webinar replay!

This was a chance to speak to top fabrication and assembly engineers about how to prepare your files for fabrication and assembly. The information shared here can help avoid costly design holds and fabrication mistakes in future PCB designs. Want to know if you need to include drill drawings? How to specify complex score and route breakaways? How to include custom test coupons in your design? Or perhaps when to use placement fiducials? We had top engineers ready to answer!

Recent Posts

Impedance Discontinuities

Most engineers know that when an electromagnetic wave encounters an impedance discontinuity at any point as it travels from source to destination, part of the signal energy will reflect, creating noise and dissipating energy as radio waves and heat.    But the part they often forget is that the impedance discontinuity needs to be electrically… View Article
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Royal Circuits Hires Herb Snogren to Lead Entry into Ultra-HDI Technology

Mr. Snogren Brings Over 40 Years of Experience and Industry Insights to the Company  Royal Circuits today announced Herb Snogren has joined the company’s management team as an industry consultant. Snogren will be leading Royal Circuits’ latest initiative to add ultra-HDI technology to its existing PCB manufacturing services. He brings extensive industry experience and a… View Article
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High Reliability Webinar

High Reliability PCB Design Tips – On-Demand Webinar

Harsh-environment and high-reliability engineering often go hand-in-hand. Yet for the aerospace industry, military and defense organizations, the cost of failure can often be measured in hundreds of lives or millions of dollars lost. Consequently, engineers have to pay particular attention to design choices. Watch this webinar replay for important design considerations including: Thermal Expansion Via… View Article
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