Response to Coronavirus, COVID-19

We wish you health and safety during this time. Royal Circuits is monitoring the coronavirus, COVID-19, carefully and updating our policies and procedures in accordance with CDC guidelines.

We know your PCB projects are vital to your company’s success. New products, prototypes, and R&D projects are more important than ever during times of economic fluctuation. Please be assured that if you have a PCB manufacturing project started or planned with Royal Circuits, we will get them done as fast as possible. We are all in this together and will work to accommodate everyone’s changing situations.

Electronics manufacturers are being told by their suppliers to expect delays of 3 weeks on average as a result of Covid-19 (IPC, Feb. 2020). While the full impact has yet to be felt, here are a few initial ways we are responding to avoid severe supply disruptions and how you can help:

  • Multiple Parts Suppliers. Royal Circuits has strong relationships with top-tier material suppliers such as ISOLA, Rogers and Panasonic. We are working directly with these suppliers to access currently available stock.
  • Stock Inventory. We maintain over $1 million in laminate inventory including exotic materials. This allows us to meet our customers’ quick-turn needs even when the global industry may be experiencing delays.
  • Pricing. Some industry analysts have predicted a rise in raw material prices. While we have not seen that yet, we will quickly communicate any changes as they happen.
  • Plan Ahead. The sooner we can schedule fabricating your boards, the better. We encourage you to send project files as soon as possible so we are can begin manufacturing immediately once the design is verified and the order is ready to go.

Our leadership is staying closely connected and working hard to ensure we are prepared for the coming weeks. If you have questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We remain committed to clear communication through this unprecedented pandemic.

Milan Shah
Founder & President, Royal Circuit Solutions

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