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When it comes to creating and providing industries with high-tech circuit boards, nobody does it better than us! We have worked with many well-known and regarded companies to help create their products. Give us a call to get started on manufacturing your boards right away, or fill out our super simple quote and purchase form. Thanks for choosing Royal Circuits!


Whether you need a 2, 4, or 6 layer board by tomorrow or have a complex board with blind and buried vias, Royal Circuits can meet all your PCB needs – fast. Plus, we offer design services and free file checks.


We love working with students! We sponsor student competitions and support projects at the nation’s top engineering schools - from Formula SAE to the Hyperloop Pod Competition.


We use the industry’s most advanced equipment to build PCBs with accuracy and speed. Continually investing in the latest machinery lets us offer superior quality at an excellent value. 


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Royal Circuits fabricates boards 2X times faster than the industry standard! How? We invest millions of dollars in cutting edge technology and have the in-house expertise to achieve optimal performance at every stage. 

Our proprietary and streamlined systems work with our experienced teams to deliver prototype and low-volume PCBs of all complexities faster than nearly every other U.S. - based PCB manufacturer. 

From Nanosteam ovens that reduce curing time to just 10 minutes, to LENZ high-speed drills that drill and route on the same machine, our manufacturing facility delivers quality PCBs in a fraction of the time is used to take.

“Consider me an impressed and happy customer. I believe it was only 24 hours from the time I sent you the Gerbers to the time I had the boards in my hand. I've had a great experience with Royal Circuits and will be using you again.”


Can PCBs be ordered with top and bottom silk screen?

Which type of laminate should I use? 

Is there a maximum board size? 

We think its about time we began sharing the knowledge we've gained from 20 years of manufacturing PCBs. We’ve seen nearly all the mistakes and figured out all the solutions. We know the types of materials to use for different jobs and how to avoid common design errors. 

Post your questions in our online chat box, or send an email over to sales@royalcircuits.com and get your questions answered!