We are committed to reducing our company’s environmental footprint. Here are few ways we are leading the industry in environmental responsibility:

  • We’ve reduced paper waste by placing recycling bins in every department.
  • We reduce energy consumption with energy-efficient air compressors and nearly 100% LED lighting.
  • Our water recycling systems recycle 30,000 gallons of production water per day.
  • All unused printed circuit boards are recycled by outside companies that reclaim precious metals and carefully dispose of potentially harmful lead.
  • The drilling dust is captured with industrial vacuums and stored in drums for recycling.
  • Solder Dross is captured and recycled by a licensed recycling firm.
  • Instead of discarding drill bits once they become dull from so many hits, we send them out to be re-sharpened and re-used.
  • Polypropylene drums and pails are saved, cleaned, and used to store recycled chemicals.
  • Coupons from the lab are used to check the quality, then they are recycled once they are no longer needed.
  • Aluminum entries are recycled.
  • And, we reuse as many shipping materials as possible including bubble wrap and boxes. If it can’t be reused, nearly everything is recycled.

We are not completely green yet, but we know that the actions we take today will make a difference in the future. Royal Circuits delivers speed, quality, service and is the most eco-friendly PCB manufacturer in the industry. Can your vendor say that? If not, it’s time to make a better choice. It’s time to try Royal Circuit Solutions.


In partnership with Digi-Key Electronics and Advanced Assembly, any nonprofit organization working on environmental projects or wild animal protection programs is invited to apply for free circuit boards, free parts, and free assembly.

CEO and owner of Royal Circuit Solutions Milan Shaw grew up in Kenya. There, he saw the importance of living in harmony with the natural world. His appreciation and support for the environment and the wild animals that inhabit it has grown over the years.

“Much of the funding nonprofits rely on for operations have disappeared due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Milan Shah, CEO of Royal Circuits. “However, research and development projects must continue if we are to find new ways of supporting the environment. That is why I’m proud to be joining with other industry leaders to launch a unique program that gives back by supporting the electronic needs of environmental and animal advocacy non-profits.”

The program combines printed circuit boards, parts and assembly into one, complete package, making it easy for nonprofits to develop electronic products that will help achieve their goals. Elements include:

Free PCBs

Free Parts

Free Assembly

Up to 5 Rigid PCBs

Standard Specifications Apply:

  • 2-4 Layers
  • ENIG Surface Finish
  • White Silkscreen
  • Green Solder Mask
  • FR4 Material
  • 1 oz, Copper
  • .062 Thickness
  • Up to 25 square inches
  • 5 Day Turn Time
  • One per customer

Up to $50

Available to first 25 qualifying organizations. Orders must be placed through Royal Circuits or Advanced Assembly.

Up to 5 assemblies.


  • 350 SMT Parts or Less
  • 10 Thru-hole Parts or Less
  •  100 Line Items or Less
  • Up to $500 Value

Fill our the form below to apply for the program.