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The Great Recession of 2008 was not a good time to launch a new business venture. The U.S. market was estimated to have lost 8.4 million jobs in a single year and consumer spending dropped to record lows. With no apparent economic recovery in sight, Milan Shah saw a great, albeit risky, opportunity to take over Royal Circuits—a board shop based in Hollister, California. 

Shah was determined to prove to the existing employees that the company would retain its focus on employee well being while simultaneously making large investments in cutting edge equipment that would ultimately differentiate the company and cater to new technological advancements down the road. The result paid off; since 2008, the company has had an employee turnover rate of around 1 percent and has grown its business exponentially to meet the demands of nearby Silicon Valley tech companies. 

EEWeb recently spoke with Shah about the innovative ways he runs the company, and some of the groundbreaking new technology them for the future. Read full article >

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