Altium's OnTrack Podcast: Quick-turn Circuit Board Manufacturing

Royal Circuits was proud to be featured on Altium's OnTrack podcast hosted by Judy Warner. 

From Tesla to consumer devices, Mihir Shah has been a PCB designer among the best. Now, as Director of Special Projects at Royal Circuit Solutions, he is pioneering ways to make manufacturing easy for printed circuit board designers. Meet Mihir and Jon Lass, co-founder and VP of Engineering at Royal Circuits, and listen in as they discuss manufacturing best practices and share various insights on symmetrical stackups, solder mask, and copper weights. Get a wide range of PCB design tips and learn how same-day turn times on printed circuit boards is possible at high-quality board shops like Royal Circuits.  


Show Highlights:

  • Mihir started as a Design Engineer at Tesla Motors, before working at a consumer device company. He is now on the manufacturing side working to make manufacturing as easy as possible.
  • Jon has 30 years’ experiencing in engineering and founded Royal Circuit Solutions with his Dad.
  • Royal Circuits specializes in quickturn prototype circuit boards, offering 3-day and same-day turns.
  • Royal Circuits is a wholly USA owned and operated company with two factories, one in Hollister and another in Los Angeles where flex and rigid flex is the focus.
  • Their customers range from large Tech firms such as Google and SpaceX, to the military to students.
  • Royal Circuits can fabricate and assemble from 2 to 30 layer boards, with no minimum order or quantity.
  • The company boasts only a 1% staff and customer turnover in over twenty years - the lower the turnover the higher quality the board house and assembly services. Years of stable manufacturing processes ensure on-time delivery is just the baseline. From PCB prototyping, rapid prototyping to pcb fab and printed circuit board assembly, Royal Circuits’ fabrication service for custom pcbs is one of the highest quality.
  • Materials: High temp FR4, Rogers, Hybrid combinations, Teflon and different variations, among others.
  • Solder mask is typically put in during modeling which is critical for the fabrication process.
  • Buried and blind vias do add a lot of cost and time to printed circuit board assembly.
  • Unbalanced stackups i.e. ‘pretzels’ will lead to a warped board.
  • Stackups must be symmetrical and must be considered upfront.
  • Consider the copper weights you call out and space and trace your routing.
  • 2 ounce copper and above requires at least 2 mm of tracing space to avoid re-design.
  • Physics trumps theory.
  • Royal Circuits will be at AltiumLive 2018: Annual PCB Design Summit in San Diego at Loews Coronado Bay, October 3-5, 2018.