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Design Tips and Cost-Saving Tricks

Riki and Elijah Gracia tell designers how to improve their boards and save money while doing it. Join us to learn how to incorporate their experiences into your next design.

Topics to be discussed include:
– Impedance controls
– Class 2 vs Class 3
– Stackups
– Copper thickness
– Trace and spaces
– Vias
– and finishes.

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DFM / DFA – What Is It? How Does It Work?

Sometimes called “spell check” for PCB designs, DFM and DFA software checks can prevent hours to days of holds and delays. In this this free webinar recording co-presented by Advanced Assembly and Royal Circuit Solutions, learn how DFM/ DFA software checks work, what errors are […]

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Learn About Vias

In this free webinar, learn all about vias including basic terminology, types of vias, the fabrication process, how vias are inspects and common design mistakes.

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ABCs of Flex PCBs

Designing a flex circuit board can be confusing the first time around. In the webinar, experts with 20+ years of experience will take you step-by-step through designing a flex circuit board. From initial layout to avoiding common pitfalls, attendees will walk away with practical, valuable […]

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Designing in the Age of Prototyping

Audodesk EAGLE: Check our recent PCB manufacturing webinar with special guests from Royal Circuits PCB manufacturers. Get expert advice on how to get your PCB Board files ready for manufacturing!

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High-Speed Flex and Rigid Flex

In this webinar, learn how to select the right materials and technology for your high-speed flex PCB applications.

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PCB Laminates

In today’s high-tech world, electrical engineers have many choices when it comes to designing their PCBs, including what type of laminate to use. Laminates form the foundation for a high-functioning PCB. In this webinar, learn how to select the right laminate for your project based […]

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All About Stackups

Determining the right PCB stackup configuration is one of the most important aspects to achieving a high functioning product.

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