How is Royal Circuits Complying with Covid-19 Restrictions?

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National Pet Day

Happy National Love Your Pet Day! 🐶🐱 Meet Royal Circuits’s furry friends. They are part of the Royal family!

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Is Your Fab Partner This Happy?

Tracy Ho has been part of the Royal Circuits team for a few years now, and her smile grows brighter with each passing day. Is that the culture at your PCB fabrication shop? When you call your fab partner, are they excited to talk to […]

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What Do You Need for an Impedance Controlled Stackup?

Omar Madrigal, the Director of Planning Engineering at Royal Flex Circuits tells us about travelers, stackups, and more. Learn what he does everyday, and how you can save money on your next PCB Design project

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Can Your Board House Do a 10-Hour Turn? We Do Everyday!

Christian Rojes from Royal Flex Circuits discusses some of the latest achievements in the flex and rigid-flex PCB space. Can your PCB Manufacturer give you boards back the same day that you order them? We can.

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Made in America: Royal Circuit Solutions

In a region of the country where PCB manufacturing has been all but decimated by China, Royal is actually growing.

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Chris Hunrath from Insulectro Discusses the Importance of PCB Materials

Chris Hunrath from Insulectro Discusses PCB Materials with Royal Circuits. Chris has been in the industry for 40 years and has an encyclopedic knowledge of foils, dielectrics, and their various properties. If you need higher performance than FR4 can offer, contact Royal Circuit Solutions. We […]

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Quick-Turn PCB Fab Hack Chat

Mihir Shah, Director of Special Projects, is deep into the business of getting PCBs to customers as quickly as possible. He’ll drop by the Hack Chat to answer all your questions about how the quick-turn industry fits into the electronics manufacturing ecosystem, and to show […]

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Video: Royal Flex Tour

Get an inside look at Royal Flex and the people behind the fastest flex and rigid-flex PCB service. 

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Quick Tour of Royal Circuits

Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at our facility and our people in Hollister, CA.

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Royal Circuit Solutions, Inc.
21 Hamilton Ct.
Hollister, CA 95023

Phone: 1-831-636-7789

Royal Flex Circuits, Inc.
Rigid-Flex and Flex Division
15505 Cornet St.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90680

Phone: 1-562-404-0626

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