What Do You Know About Solder & Flux

Every integrated circuit, passive component, wire, and connector is cleaned with an acid called flux and attached to printed circuit boards with a carefully engineered combination of metals called solder.  As the temperature of a pure substance, such as water, increases, it will undergo phase […]

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2020 Is The Year Of The Rat — Not The Year Of The Procrastinator. 新年快乐

Most PCB manufacturers are in the southern parts of China near Shenzhen.  There are a great many factories in this area and workers are in high demand, so factories will often bring in employees from the far corners of the country to fill positions. During […]

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Hack-Attack — PCB Design Ideas to Foil Potential Hackers

Hackers stay up at night to get better at their job, which is breaking device security on your latest electronic design.  Electrical engineers and computer scientists need a similar work-ethic to harden their assemblies against bad-actors. Over the next two posts we will cover embedded […]

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Copper Trace and Space: Three Factors to Consider

When it comes to creating printed circuit boards, engineers often guestimate various aspects of their design. One such design metric is known colloquially as Trace and Space. Trace refers to the width of a particular copper track, and Space refers to the width of the gap between […]

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The Reverse Polarity Protection Diode

Incorrectly attaching the power supply leads to a design can instantly ruin countless hours of hard work. Learn how to use Diodes in your designs to keep mistakes from ruining your PCBs!

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Sculptured Flex Printed Circuit Boards

Sculptured Flex technology is a modification of the basic flexible printed circuit board technology, wherebyunsupported copper traces protrude beyond the edge of the board and act as replacement for the male pins of a connector. The copper traces are of variable thickness, being thicker and sturdier in areas […]

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Why Impedance Matters, and How You Can Control It

A circuit operating at high frequencies exhibits opposition or impedance to flow of electric current from the combination of resistance, inductance, and capacitance present in it, when an alternating voltage is impressed across the circuit. This impedance is made up of a complex sum of […]

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Why Designers Should Care About Quality Silkscreen

When designing PCBs, engineers usually assign a model number, a version number, and the version release date. Not only does this help identify a particular PCB for a specific product, the numbering system also helps with traceability as required by ISO and IPC standards. PCB […]

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DC vs. Pulse Plating for Beginners

Why is Pulse Plating Better? Manufacturers have traditionally used acid copper for direct current electroplating of copper tracks, vias, and through-holes on their Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with copper. Although direct current electroplating offers high leveling and bright covering power, this method suffers from poor […]

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Curing PCBs with the Nanosteam Oven

Curing ovens are an integral part of any Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing and assembly industry. The market offers a huge range of standard and custom-made ovens for composite curing, both in-line and bench-top types. Typically, these ovens provide a unilateral flow of air that […]

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Micro-Section Analysis of PCBs

Apart from copper and solder, a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) may consist of a combination of different materials including Polyamide, Teflon, epoxy, acrylic adhesive, Kapton, aramid fibers, and glass. Each of these materials has a different relative hardness, and along with the mounting media such […]

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