VIEWPOINT 2020: Victor Hemingway, Chief Operating Officer, Royal Flex Solutions

Electrical engineers have complex jobs that only get tougher over time. Not only do they have to design on accelerated timelines with shoestring budgets, but increasingly they are asked to put parts too small to see into enclosures too small to fit them. This is the driver behind flex and rigid-flex PCBs, and it’s what we’ve built each and every day for the past 20 years.

We’ve seen our business increase by 50-75% over the past year. To support our customers’ needs, we built a brand new factory for flex and rigid-flex printed circuit boards – one of the only new manufacturing facilities opened in the industry this year.

We will continue to add technical capability and purchase new equipment to get quality boards in our customer’s hands faster than they knew was possible, and in many cases that means delivery in hours instead of days.

Our primary focus is the Military, Aerospace, and Healthcare markets, and with our increased capabilities in our new facility, we will undoubtedly expand and pick up new partners in growing markets such as Automated Test Equipment and Wearable Products.

2019 was a wonderful year for Royal Flex Circuits. 2020 will be even better.

Victor Hemingway, Chief Operating Officer
Royal Flex Solutions

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