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  • Curing ovens are an integral part of any Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing and assembly industry. The market offers a huge range of standard and custom-made ovens for composite curing, both in-line and bench-top types. Typically, these ovens provide a unilateral flow of air that Read More
  • Apart from copper and solder, a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) may consist of a combination of different materials including Polyamide, Teflon, epoxy, acrylic adhesive, Kapton, aramid fibers, and glass. Each of these materials has a different relative hardness, and along with the mounting media such Read More
  • “We have been working with Royal for the past 4 plus years and my experience with Royal is excellent in terms of quality, delivery and specially the service we get from Johnny. I have visited your facility 4-5 times so far and every visit I Read More
  • In this webinar, learn how to select the right materials and technology for your high-speed flex PCB applications. Read More
  • In today’s high-tech world, electrical engineers have many choices when it comes to designing their PCBs, including what type of laminate to use. Laminates form the foundation for a high-functioning PCB. In this webinar, learn how to select the right laminate for your project based Read More
  • “Thank you so much. I have received (the printed circuit boards) and their quality is top notch same as last time, these boards came out beautiful! Thank you for everything again.” Read More
  • Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at our facility and our people in Hollister, CA. Read More
  • Determining the right PCB stackup configuration is one of the most important aspects to achieving a high functioning product. Read More

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