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  • At Royal Circuit Solutions, our mission is to deliver beautiful boards fast! We do this by constantly investing in specific equipment and enabling software that enhances the customer experience starting with quoting and engineering, through DFM and production, and even down to the best shipping Read More
  • Why is Pulse Plating Better? Manufacturers have traditionally used acid copper for direct current electroplating of copper tracks, vias, and through-holes on their Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with copper. Although direct current electroplating offers high leveling and bright covering power, this method suffers from poor Read More
  • “We’ve been working with Royal Circuits for a little over two years, and since then they’ve become our primary vendor for PCB’s and PCBA’s due to their amazing service, quality and speed.  Whenever we need a board quick, Amber has always been able to help Read More
  • Curing ovens are an integral part of any Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing and assembly industry. The market offers a huge range of standard and custom-made ovens for composite curing, both in-line and bench-top types. Typically, these ovens provide a unilateral flow of air that Read More
  • Apart from copper and solder, a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) may consist of a combination of different materials including Polyamide, Teflon, epoxy, acrylic adhesive, Kapton, aramid fibers, and glass. Each of these materials has a different relative hardness, and along with the mounting media such Read More
  • “We have been working with Royal for the past 4 plus years and my experience with Royal is excellent in terms of quality, delivery and specially the service we get from Johnny. I have visited your facility 4-5 times so far and every visit I Read More
  • In this webinar, learn how to select the right materials and technology for your high-speed flex PCB applications. Read More
  • In today’s high-tech world, electrical engineers have many choices when it comes to designing their PCBs, including what type of laminate to use. Laminates form the foundation for a high-functioning PCB. In this webinar, learn how to select the right laminate for your project based Read More
  • “Thank you so much. I have received (the printed circuit boards) and their quality is top notch same as last time, these boards came out beautiful! Thank you for everything again.” Read More
  • Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at our facility and our people in Hollister, CA. Read More
  • Determining the right PCB stackup configuration is one of the most important aspects to achieving a high functioning product. Read More


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