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  • What is reverse polarity and how does a diode protect it? Reverse Polarity: Direct Current power-supplies are designed to establish a potential difference between two or more terminals.  One output is usually called “positive” while another is called “negative” or “ground.” The positive output of Read More
  • In this free webinar, learn all about vias including basic terminology, types of vias, the fabrication process, how vias are inspects and common design mistakes. Read More
  • Mihir Shah, Director of Special Projects, is deep into the business of getting PCBs to customers as quickly as possible. He’ll drop by the Hack Chat to answer all your questions about how the quick-turn industry fits into the electronics manufacturing ecosystem, and to show Read More
  • Many years of working with electrical engineers has taught us about the true pain points faced when developing new electronic products, which is why we stay up-to-date with the latest tools and trends in the industry — so we can tell you about industry-changing topics like Read More
  • Design Engineers Will Now Find It Even Easier to Get PCBs Manufactured from Royal Circuits July 17, 2019 – Royal Circuit Solutions, a global manufacturer of quick-turn printed circuit boards, today announced the launch of its newly redesigned website, https://www.royalcircuits.com. The redesigned site embodies the Read More
  • Sculptured Flex technology is a modification of the basic flexible printed circuit board technology, wherebyunsupported copper traces protrude beyond the edge of the board and act as replacement for the male pins of a connector. The copper traces are of variable thickness, being thicker and sturdier in areas Read More
  • A circuit operating at high frequencies exhibits opposition or impedance to flow of electric current from the combination of resistance, inductance, and capacitance present in it, when an alternating voltage is impressed across the circuit. This impedance is made up of a complex sum of Read More
  • When designing PCBs, engineers usually assign a model number, a version number, and the version release date. Not only does this help identify a particular PCB for a specific product, the numbering system also helps with traceability as required by ISO and IPC standards. PCB Read More
  • Designing a flex circuit board can be confusing the first time around. In the webinar, experts with 20+ years of experience will take you step-by-step through designing a flex circuit board. From initial layout to avoiding common pitfalls, attendees will walk away with practical, valuable Read More
  • Get an inside look at Royal Flex and the people behind the fastest flex and rigid-flex PCB service.  Read More
  • “Consider me an impressed and happy customer. I believe it was only 24 hours from the time I sent you the Gerbers to the time I had the boards in my hand.I’ve had a great experience with Royal Circuits and will be using you again. Read More
  • Royal Circuit Solutions Announces Appointment of Victor Hemingway as Chief Operating Officer Mr. Hemingway Brings More Than 40 Years of Industry Experience Successfully Helping Manufacturers Deliver High Quality Products and Services Hollister, CA (March 28, 2019) – Royal Circuits, a global manufacturer of high technology Read More
  • “My role is to develop high quality electronics equipment, often in large quantities, that must serve with a high degree of reliability in difficult environmental conditions. That vision was successfully met by Royal Circuit Solutions manufacture these circuits. My experience in working with Amber has Read More
  • Royal Circuits, a global manufacturer of high technology printed circuit boards, has completed the expansion of its flex division into a brand new, state of the art facility. Royal Circuits acquired the facility and completed a build-to-suit building improvement, which will allow a doubling of capacity Read More
  • Audodesk EAGLE: Check our recent PCB manufacturing webinar with special guests from Royal Circuits PCB manufacturers. Get expert advice on how to get your PCB Board files ready for manufacturing! Read More


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