Viewpoint 2021: Milan Shah, CEO, Royal Circuits

The coronavirus epidemic changed every corner of the world, but it did not change the Royal Circuit Solutions group. Covid-19 is not strong enough to tamp our enthusiasm and a global pandemic is not big enough to change what we do – we provide the fastest PCB turn times in the world.

In early 2020, medical device manufacturers like Medtronic called asking us to help build ventilators and we started to retool the production lines before we hung up the phone. We are here to help our customers build their products and meet increasingly short turn-times. The pandemic just shifted our manufacturing priorities so that we could be part of the great effort to save lives.

We are recession-proof and we are pandemic-proof. In fact, our overall profit and production volume increased in 2020, but many of our customers weren’t so lucky. Our customers are our friends and our family. So in 2021, we are going to do whatever it takes to help them get back on track. Our successes mean nothing if our customers can’t succeed with us.

Milan Shah , Founder and CEO
Royal Circuit Solutions

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