Royal Flex Circuits Redefines Fast for Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs

Known for the fastest PCB manufacturing in the world, Royal Circuit Solutions is once again leading the industry with the fastest delivery of flex and rigid-flex circuit boards. Design engineers can now get flexible circuits boards in under 4 days, approximately 75-80% faster than the traditional 30-day turn-times customers have come to expect.

Royal Flex Circuits, in Santa Fe Springs, California is part of the Royal Circuits Group, a highly recognized PCB company with manufacturing facilities in Northern and Southern California. Royal Flex Circuits moved into a new, custom build production facility less than a year ago, featuring the latest machinery, hardware, and production methods. 

“I’m thrilled to deliver flex and rigid-flex PCB in a fraction of the time expected in the industry,” said Victor Hemingway, president of Royal Flex Circuits. “We’ve worked hard to shorten production times within nearly every stage of the manufacturing process. Faster production times, plus investment in high technology equipment, is allowing us to wow customers with ultra-fast delivery times. It’s a game-changer for flexible circuit boards.”

Royal Flex Circuits provides fast quotes and in-depth consultations to meet the high-quality, fast turn, flex PCB needs of all design engineers.  It is the fastest flex shop for prototype PCBs. For more information visit or call (562) 404-0626.

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