2020 Is The Year Of The Rat — Not The Year Of The Procrastinator. 新年快乐

Most PCB manufacturers are in the southern parts of China near Shenzhen.  There are a great many factories in this area and workers are in high demand, so factories will often bring in employees from the far corners of the country to fill positions.

During the Chinese New Year festivities, factories shut down for at least two weeks and employees leave Shenzhen to travel home to big cities or small rural villages.  China is large, and affordable travel is slow. So it can take a month or more for those employees to return to work if they return at all.

In preparation for the holiday, suppliers wind down deliveries, and factories close completely.  From when the factory closes, to when it opens its doors again, retrains its employees, and starts production, a month and a half can pass before orders are shipping again.  Combine that delay with international shipping times, and you might wait two months for your design to be returned to you during this time of year. 

That delay — be it two weeks or two months, is neither necessary nor is it viable in today’s accelerated development cycles.  Printed Circuit Boards can be manufactured state-side in a single shift.  Components can be ordered and stuffed onto boards in a single shift.  It is possible to get a fully assembled board, delivered to you in a single 24-hour window.  There is no need to wait weeks or months for a holiday to conclude, you just need to set up a state-side supply chain.

Contact one of our sales manager today to ensure that your project stays on track.  We can even coordinate with your offshore supplier to ramp up production once they return to work, and ensure that you have an uninterrupted flow of products throughout the year.  Whether you need turn-key service or just fabrication/assembly, contact us to find out how we can help you. 

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