New Website Makes Ordering PCBs Faster

Design Engineers Will Now Find It Even Easier to Get PCBs Manufactured from Royal Circuits

July 17, 2019 – Royal Circuit Solutions, a global manufacturer of quick-turn printed circuit boards, today announced the launch of its newly redesigned website, The redesigned site embodies the company’s forward-thinking vision by making it simple and easy for visitors to purchase PCBs through captivating imagery, clear navigation, and a simple online quoting form.

Visitors to the site’s homepage will enjoy an uncluttered design along with rotating visuals that compel them to learn more about Royal Circuit Solution’s services. The company’s customer-given nickname, Home of the Miracle Turns, and emphasis on speed feature prominently on the front page. The site also includes images of Royal Circuits South, a built-from-the-ground-up, new manufacturing facility in the Los Angeles area, which provides additional capability and flex/rigid flex circuit expertise.

“We approached the new website like we approach doing business – finding innovative ways to make it even faster for design engineers to make their designs a reality,” said Milan Shah, president and chief executive officer of Royal Circuits. “By strictly focusing on what customers need, whether it is fast turn-times, a US-based facility or HDI technology, I believe our website shows why Royal Circuits is the #1 choice for manufacturing PCBs – even just one board.”

Additional important benefits and elements of the new Royal Circuits website include:

  • Online Quote Page. While most PCB manufacturers can take weeks to return a quote request, visitors to Royal Circuits’ new site can quote and order jobs in minutes.
  • PCB Resources. Engineers can access a free Impedance Calculator, view standard stackups for 4, 6 or 8 layer boards, and download EAGLE design rules files.
  • Laminate Inventory. Royal Circuits maintains nearly $2 million in laminate inventory to ensure availability for quick-turn orders. A list of primary in-stock laminates can be found online.
  • Flex / Rigid-Flex Information. The new website provides extensive information on flexible PCBs including types of flex circuits, a flex design guide and a webinar on the ABCs of Flex PCBs.

Every process at Royal Circuits has been optimized to reduce PCB production time and increase the speed of delivery, which is why the website features a race track. “We’ve invested millions in new equipment in order to deliver the highest-quality PCBs. While our look is new, our focus remains on providing an outstanding customer service experience,” says Shah.

About Royal Circuit Solutions
Royal Circuit Solutions is a company focused on quick-turn, prototype printed circuit board manufacturing. The company specializes in next day turns and complex PCB boards including rigid, rigid-flex and flex. Royal Circuit Solutions provides fast quotes and high quality to meet the PCB needs of all design engineers. For more information visit or call 1-831-636-7789.

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