DFM Check

Royal's Free, Real-Time DFM Check

Royal Circuits’ Online DFM reviews your PCB designs to identify issues that could affect manufacturability. Every PCB board design is automatically run through this comprehensive check.

Online DFM does a “spell check” of your design. This service performs:

  • Signal checks
  • Plane checks
  • Solder mask checks
  • Silk screen checks
  • Drill checks
  • 57 checks performed by this service.

Verify you have the files and data necessary to build your job.

Identify issues to fix to avoid holds and delays.

See your design virtually before it is manufactured.

Royal Circuits automatically performs this service free of charge on all PCB orders – even 1 day turns!

Free Online DFM Check Coming Soon!

In the meantime, let us run the check for you. Order online and get a free DFM check on every design.

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