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Free Proto

Developed exclusively for Royal Circuit Solutions, Free Proto is a full featured DFM check and Gerber viewer in one. Available as a free download right to your desktop, the Free Proto Software allows engineers to run a comprehensive DFM on their design. Get your free DFM software today.

 Features include:

  • Full featured DFM check and free Gerber viewer in one! 
  • #1 Netlist to Gerber Verification tool.
  • Instant, detailed DFM reports, especially for complex designs.
  • Download directly to your desktop, use as often as you want.
  • No more having to crunch DFM checks online.

Reasons to Use Free DFM :

  • Identify issues that affect manufacturability before
    they cost you money!
  • Prevent unnecessary holds and re-spins!
  • Eliminate incomplete data package with file verification feature
  • Save time and money…right at your desktop!

Free Proto on Every Order!
  • All designs verified and ordered with Free Proto Software are eligible to receive an extra board for FREE!
  • Simply download the Free Proto software, place your order with Royal Circuit, and receive a FREE extra board with your order!
  • Your proto order must be for a minimum of five boards, for either 2, 4 or 6 layer technology. 
  • Also get PCB Electrical Test and Tooling, on every Proto order, for Free!

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