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Educational Webinars 

Stay up-to-date on the latest engineering topics as it relates to PCB solutions, design, and fabrication. From the hottest technologies to the latest design trends, we've partnered with industry leaders to offer Webinars on a wide range of engineering topics. Check out some of our most recent PCB Webinars:

To Panelize or Not to Panelize
Deciding whether or not to panelize your PCB project can have far-reaching consequences on both the fabrication and assembly. Panelization can affect cost, board size, turn-time and more. Watch our recorded webinar to better understand the pros and cons of panelization and the criteria used to determine if it is right for you. Co-sponsored by Advanced Assembly.


PCB Laminates

Picking the right type of lamination material is one of the most important aspects of product design. Whether it’s heat tolerance, environmental concerns, or high speed designs, it can be hard to know which type of laminate is the best fit for your project. Attend this free webinar to learn all about laminates and the criteria used to select the correct one. 


All About Stackups Webinar

A properly built PCB substrate can reduce electromagnetic emissions, improve signal integrity, and increase the product manufacturability. On the other hand, a poorly designed stackup can dramatically reduce a product’s performance and long-term reliability. Watch this webinar to learn more.


Avoid Holds and Delays Webinar

Learn how to get your boards manufactured with the fewest interruptions by avoiding common problems such as missing files and net list issues. Attend this free 20-minute webinar for tips and advice that will help both designers and buyers keep their projects on time and on budget.


How a PCB is Born

Jorge and Tim, of Cadsoft and Royal Circuits respectively, recently shared advice on how to create manufacturing data and what happens to that data once you send it to your board manufacturer.

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