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Royal Circuit Solutions maintains a variety of laminate materials which allow us the opportunity to support our customer’s quick turn needs.  We store long-lead time materials for our customers' time-sensitive requirements. While this is a significant upfront investment, we believe it's necessary to give our customers the level of service they deserve. Engineers are working fast to bring new designs to market and stay ahead of the competition. Eliminating the wait time for materials to be delivered before starting fabrication helps us provide them with the fastest turn-times in the industry!

Royal Circuit Solutions' Primary Materials:

ISOLA 370 HR All Cores Data Sheet
  FR408 HR All Cores Data Sheet
  P95 / P25 (polymide) All Cores Data Sheet
  FR406 Select Cores Data Sheet



Rogers R04350BTM All Cores Data Sheet
  R04003CTM All Cores Data Sheet
  RO5880TM Select Cores Data Sheet
  RO3010TM Select Cores Data Sheet



Taconic RF-35TM Data Sheet
  TLY5TM Data Sheet



Arlon 25N / 25FRTM   Data Sheet



Panasonic Megtron 6 Data Sheet
  Megtron 7 Data Sheet


If you need assistance selecting the right laminate, please contact us - we'd be happy to help!

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