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Printed Circuit Board Capabilities

Royal Circuit Solutions continually re-invests in top-of-the-line equipment and services to manufacture the highest quality PCBs. Our innovative facility features advanced technologies and extensive manufacturing capabilities designed to fabricate even the most complex PCB designs - FAST.

Capability Standard Advanced
Minimum Layer Count 1 1
Maximum Layer Count 20 30
FR-4 Yes Yes
Rogers Yes Yes
Arlon Yes Yes
Polymide Yes Yes
Aluminum Yes Yes
Board Thickness 0.020"-0.125" 0.005"-0.250"
Board Thickness Tolerance +/-10 % +/-7 %
Minimum Starting Copper Weight (outer layers) 0.25 Oz 0.25 Oz
Minimum Copper Weight (inner layers) 0.5 Oz 0.25 Oz
Maximum Finish Copper Weight (outer layers) 3 Oz 10 Oz
Maximum Finish Copper Weight (Inner layers) 3 Oz 6 Oz
Smallest Mechanical Drill Hole Size 0.008" 0.006"
Minimum Trace Width / Spacing 0.004"/0.004" 0.0025"/0.0025"
Solder Mask Color    
Green Yes Yes
Black Yes Yes
Blue Yes Yes
Yellow Yes Yes
White Yes Yes
Purple Yes Yes
Clear Yes Yes
Red Yes Yes
Silkscreen Color    
White Yes Yes
Black Yes Yes
Yellow Yes Yes
Red Yes Yes
Blue Yes Yes
Minimum Router Bit Width 0.031" 0.020"
Finished Hole Size Tolerance +/-0.003" +/-0.002"
PCB Surface Finish    
Leaded Solder Yes Yes
Lead-Free Solder Yes Yes
ENIG Yes Yes
Hard Gold Yes Yes
Wire Bondable Gold Yes Yes
Immersion Silver Yes Yes
OSP Yes Yes
Selective Gold Yes Yes
IPC Class Class 2 Class 3
Via Annular Ring 0.005" 0.003"
Controlled Impedance Tolerance +/-10 % +/-5 %
Blind Vias Yes Yes
Buried Vias Yes Yes
Via-in-Pads (VIP) Yes Yes
Filled Vias (conductive and non conductive) Yes Yes
Mixed Dielectric Yes Yes
Aspect Ratio 10/1 15/1
Minimum Core Thickness 0.004" 0.002"
Minimum Foil Thickness 0.0007" 0.00025"
Minimum Pad Size for ET 0.010" 0.003"
Solder Mask Dam Size 0.004" 0.003"
Board Edge to Copper for Scoring 0.015" 0.010"
Board Edge to Copper for Routing 0.005" 0.004"
Counter Sink   Yes Yes
Counter Bore Yes Yes
Carbon Ink Yes Yes
Peelable Mask No Yes
Edge Plating Yes Yes
Hole Castellation Yes Yes
Controlled Depth Routing No Yes
TDR Test   Yes Yes
Ionic Contamination Test Yes Yes
Cross Section Yes Yes
Solder Sample Yes Yes
C of C Yes Yes
First Article Yes Yes
ISO 9001-2008 Yes Yes
ITAR Yes Yes
Recessed Fingers Yes Yes
Bevel Yes Yes
Minimum Laser Hole Size 0.006" 0.004"
Bow & Twist Tolerance 7 % < 7%
Multiple Laminations 3 6
SMT Pitch 0.015" <0.015"
Routing Tolerance +/-0.005" +/-0.003"
Legend Text Size 0.005" wide + 0.025" height 0.004" wide + 0.015" height
Maximum Board Size 16" x 22" 16" x 22"


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