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PCB Articles

PCB Articles

For some of the latest and greatest in printed circuit board thought leadership and industry analysis, check out the articles below. Learn more about the most recent PCB news today.

To Panelize or Not to Panelize:

Deciding whether or not to panelize your PCB project can have far-reaching consequences on both the fabrication and assembly. Panelization can affect cost, board size, turn-time and more. Watch our recorded webinar to better understand the pros and cons of panelization and the criteria used to determine if it is right for you. 

Copper Thickness:

If your design is carrying large amounts of current or needing thermal considerations that require more copper you must maximize the spacing between features. If the copper thickness is not the limiting factor, going with thinner copper will make the board easier to fabricate. Read more about copper thickness specifications.

Stack ups:

For many designs the stackup and material type is critical. Changing the stackup is easy to modify down to .003 layer to layer spacing. However, it is critical to remember that the design should dictate the stackup and not the other way around. Read more about stackups.

Designing with Complex Vias for HDI Boards:

Due to the growing complexity of design structures, blind, buried, and vias-in-pad are increasingly used in high-density circuit boards (HDI). Royal Circuits specializes in these advanced technologies. Download our free white paper for advice on designing with vias.